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Who is 18 year old Chaitanya Venkateswaran? Britain’s High Commissioner for one day

18-year-old Chaitanya Venkateswaran of India got a unique opportunity to become British High Commissioner to India for a day. Chaitanya, who hails from Delhi, got this opportunity to underline the challenges faced by women around the world and under the initiative of the Mission for the Empowerment of Women. The UK High Commission hosts a ‘one day High Commissioner’ competition every year from 2017, in which young girls aged 18 to 23 can participate.

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Venkateswaran used Facebook to participate in this competition. He shared a video on 12 September. In which challenges and opportunities for gender equality were talked about during COVID-19. The British High Commission said in a statement that Venkateswaran was made Britain’s High Commissioner for a day as part of the annual competition organized by Britain’s Mission on International Girl Child Day on 11 October. Venkateswaran is the fourth woman in this episode. During this, she entrusted her work to the department heads of the High Commissioner, interacted with senior women police officers, met the media and conducted studies to ascertain the impact of the British Council STEM Scholarship on Indian women participants.

After becoming the British High Commissioner for one day, Venkateswaran said, “When I was younger, I used to visit the library of the British Council in New Delhi and since then I have a desire to learn. It is a golden opportunity to become Britain’s High Commissioner for one day. ‘

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Venkateswaran said my day was filled with varied experiences. In fact broadened our perspective on the role of women and their representation in the fields of media, policing and STEM. I am now more determined than ever to use my new knowledge and experience to help promote equitable treatment of women everywhere. In her spare time, Venkateswaran also helps visually challenged students, acid attack survivors and LGBT + groups.

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