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NAYAG Spot was established and Launched on 19 September 2020. NAYAG Spot is a platform built for the next generation of News. Seeped in hard-hitting opinion and wound with interactive news content and formats, NAYAG Spot follows the principle of breaking the news and breaking the silence.

Being Part of NAYAG, NAYAG Spot works for the achievement of Aim and Goals of NAYAG Network. With Aim to “Do Something New” and for “Next Generation” innovation in every field is Key Factor which Powers every NAYAG Member.

About Members Team of NAYAG Spot

1. NAYAG Spot

NAYAG Spot – The Website itself a member of this Journey Since it provides You latest news and updates providing a Platform. So it Should be First in the list.

2. Narendra Yadav

He is The Most Senior Person of This Website who contributes as an administrator for all the the big Roles.

3. Chaklesh Yadav

I am a Computer Science Engineer and Manage all The Designing and Support For This Website. I am Responsible For all the Backend Development such as Programming, Server Management etc. I manage how the Articles are Served to You. Sometime I also find Some Article and Post them For You.

4. Akhilesh Yadav

He is a News Collector, Gamer and Promoter of NAYAG Spot on Various Social Networking Sites. He is The Youngest Member of NAYAG Spot.

5. Anil Yadav

Anil Yadav is Moderator of NAYAG Spot. Qualified as Master of Science. He always keep finding Latest Updates Viral Content for You. So You can have fun as well as get Latest insight of happening all over the World.

5.Visitors Like You

Last but not Least, You. Yes, You are the Most Important Member for this Website to keep going on. The list is incomplete without you my dear. So Keep Visiting ….. 🙂

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Updated on 19-Oct-2020