Heart Failure Vs Heart Attack : Every Difference Explained

Do you know the difference between heart attack and heart failure. No, We compare heart failure vs heart attack to tell you what’s not same in heart attack and heart failure. The heart attack heart failure difference is process based. Sometime, congestive heart failure after heart attack also happens leading to both.

People often ask, Is heart failure and heart attack the same and want comparison of cardiac failure vs heart attack. So, We thought to put some efforts in telling difference between cardiac failure and heart attack or difference between heart attack cardiac arrest and heart failure. To know everything about it just follow this article completely.

Heart Failure Vs Heart Attack

Heart Failure Vs Heart Attack

What is Heart Failure ?

Heart Failure is a chronic condition which occurs when heart muscle fail to pump the blood as it should do.

In Heart Failure, the Heart is not able to pump the blood to various organs. The ability of blood pumping than a Normal Heart is reduced in case of Heart Failure.

What is Heart Attack ?

In case of Heart Attack, the heart is functioning well. It is doing good as it should do in a normal heart. But the Problem is with the blockage of the blood flow to the muscle. Due to this blockage, the blood could not be reached to every organ. This causes the Heart Attack.

Difference Between Heart Attack and Heart Failure

From the above two Points, it is clear about Heart Failure and Heart Attack. That both are two different things. The cause of both is also different. However, the target of both is same “Heart” Due to this both are related to Heart.

As per WHO Reports, there has been a sudden increase in case of Heart Diseases in India in last two decades. The main cause of Heart Diseases is found to be High Cholesterol , High Use of Drugs and Obesity.

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