Amazon Cares, Amazon Smile India Charity Donation to NGO, Plant a Tree : Explained

Amazon Cares is for helping the needy. Out of many, Amazon Smile India is one of initiatives of Cares Program for Amazon Donation. Amazon cares runs several programs like gift a smile such as charity Amazon charity giving.

In plant a tree, one can donate a tree to the amazon and they deliver using Amazon forest donation to decrease deforestation. Amazon global also has Amazon Smile Program at www smile amazon com. Amazon India Smile is at .

We will explain in detail later in article. You can find amazon smile on amazon app. We will let you know how to set up smile on amazon app. Amazon smile program sign up is Quite easy.

In this article we will try to answer all your questions Related to Amazon Cares and Smile such as what is amazon smile foundation , how do i use amazon smile, how to register on amazon smile, How to order on Amazon Smile. So, keep scrolling this page to read more..


What is Amazon Cares?

Amazon Cares is a blanket Program for all the helping initiatives by Amazon. Amazon Cares has various programs running under its name. These includes Amazon Smile India, Amazon Plant a tree, Amazon Donation and more.

This is conserving Nature by Plant a tree initiative. In Plant a tree Amazon helps in growing the forest. As the Plant is vital component of nature. Plant gives oxygen, if no Plant then No human. Due to increase in Deforestation, Amazon has launched this program of planting trees.

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What is Amazon Smile Foundation ?

Amazon Smile India Foundation is a initiate by the Online Shopping Giant Amazon. This Amazon Smile Program helps the needy by delivering the products. These products are ordered by by Donators using the Amazon Website. Various NGOs are registered on the Amazon Smile Portal.

These NGO list their Wishlist as per their needs. The Donators sees their Wishlist and order for them. This helps the poor and needy persons. The list has various NGO of different persons.

Some of NGO are for Women, Orphaned Children while some are for old Age Persons. This works like a Gift for Them. So, Amazon calls it called “Gift a Smile”.

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How do i use Amazon Gift a Smile Program ?

Just Follow below Two Steps to Register and order a Product. Then, You are able to use Amazon Smile India program.

How to Register on amazon smile?

To Donate to NGO, you need to use your normal Amazon account and Visit Amazon Gift a Smile Page by Clicking below button and order the Product as described in the Next Question.

How to order on Amazon Smile ?

Amazon smile org amazon charity wish list includes items needed by NGO’s. You need to Select any NGO and browse the products required by NGO. Just Click on Product and buy as you normally shop on amazon. In address select NGO address. Amazon will deliver that product to NGO.

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